eLC Monthly Recommendation. February 2017.

23 February, 2017

The eLC monthly recommendation is a compilation of several e-Learning and ICT experts articles. This one is, partially, a review of 2016 trends and a forecast of the ones to come in 2017. It begins with a review of MOOCs in numbers and a ranking of top e-learning agents of influence, following with some of the educational foresees for the new year. Apart from that, the post compiles several articles upon instructional design, engagement, data-driven learning and educational contents and resources which we have found interesting to share with the eLC blog readers on this first monthly link compilation entry.   

2016 Reviews on E-learning and Edtech

EdSurge News December 29, 2016

Monetization Over Massiveness: Breaking Down MOOCs by the Numbers in 2016

# MOOCs, Personalized Learning, Business to Business (B2B), Corporate Training

Onalytica January 2017

EdTech and Elearning 2016: Top 200 Influencers and Brands

# Edtech, eLearning

2017 Trends forecast

EDUCAUSE February 2017

Key Issues in Teaching and Learning 2017

# Emerging Technology, Instructional Design, Learning Analytics, Open Education

eCampus News January 2, 2017

14 hot higher ed trends for 2017

# Video, Non-traditional Students, HE Outcomes, AI, Apps, Energy Saving Tech, Competence Based Learning, Occupability, Badges, Data, LA, Cybersecurity

Check Point eLearning January 2017

Six eLearning Trends for 2017

# eLearning, Engaging Content, mLearning

Upside Learning January 24, 2017

Three Big eLearning trends for 2017

# mLearning, Interactive Videos, Gamification  

Instructional Design and Educational Contents

Shift Disruptive eLearning December 29, 2016

Lessons by Instructional Designers for Instructional Designers

# Instructional Design, EdTools

eLearning Industry February 2, 2017

Why Crafting Engaging eLearning Content Is Crucial To Instructional Design

# Engagement, eLearning, Instructional Design

Shift Disruptive eLearning January 12, 2017

Why Video is a Must-Have for Your Mobile Learning Strategy

# Instructional Design, Videos, eLearning, mLearning

eLearning Industry January 7, 2017

Graphics In eLearning: From A to Z

# Graphics, eLearning

Education Technology

Hack Education December 31, 2016

Education Technology and the Ideology of “Personalization”

# Personalization, Surveillance, Data-driven Learning, Mindset

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