eLC Monthly Recommendation. July 2017.

31 July, 2017

Our summer article recommendation tries to summarize the latest educational and EdTech related informations which can be relevant to e-Learning landscape. How can we humanize online learning, how to implement educational technology and apps in the classroom and what are the benefits of microlearning are some of the topics we have chosen. A part from that, there is a look over the immersive technologies in learning and the role of gamification in the instructional design e-disruption. We will come back in september with news about the sector.

Pedagogy and Instructional Design

• EdSurge March 06, 2017
How One University is Working to ‘Humanize’ Online Teaching
For those teaching online courses, professors at California State University at Channel Islands offers a two-week online training course for professors at the university called  Humanizing Online Learning, with tips and strategies for forging personal connections with remote students. They ahev worked in a related podcast called the HumanizEd Podcast.

# Instructional Design, eLearning, Digital Learning Design, Personalization.

• Our Children Australia May 17, 2017
Learning a Language Made Better with E-Learning Technologies

Teachers are implementig the use of e-Learning tools in their regular curriculum to increase the effectiveness of the classes they provide. EdTech tools and e-Learning methods definitely enriches the overall experience while learning the foreign language.

# Instructional Design, Educational Contents, e-Learning, Course Design, FLL.

• Chief Learning Officer July 7, 2017
Making the Most of Microlearning

Microlearning is not simply a condensed version of traditional training but providing quick and relevant learning experiences with well designed educational contents.

# Instructional Design, Educational Contents, e-Learning.

• EdSurge July 20, 2017
A Starter Kit for Instructional Designers

As online course platforms proliferate, institutions of all shapes and sizes realize that they’ll need to translate content into digital forms. Designing online learning experiences is essential to training employees, mobilizing customers, serving students, building marketing channels, and sustaining business models.

# Instructional Design, Educational Contents, e-Learning.

Augmented Reality, Immersive Learning and Gamification

Here are some articles with information relating to immersive learning and technology for education and also 5 games and the latest informations of the Google Glass 2.0 developments.

• Matrix Blog April 13, 2017
5 Types of immersive technology for training

 Learnnovators July 10, 2017
5 games every e-Learning professional should play

 Matrix Blog July 16, 2017
Immersive learning environments may become the norm in training

• Wired July 18, 2017
Goggle Glass 2.0 is a startling Second Act

# Instructional Design, Gamification, Immersive Environements, Immersive Learning, Educational Contents, e-Learning.


• Sophia Square July 18, 2017
Could EdTech companies be the future for education?

Are Educational Technology companies the key principle for the future od education? Trying to have in mind we are living in a changing educational scenario and the importance it has for the scholar scene could help us figuring out which is the answer.

# HEI, VET, EdTech, Apps, m-Learning, Educational Contents, e-Learning.

Labor Market

• EdSurge July 20, 2017
How Many Times Will People Change Jobs? The Myth of the Endlessly-Job-Hopping Millennial

There is a common opinion nowadays which says everyone of us will change jobs many times due to the idiosincrasy of the actual society’s demand. This article tries to bring a bit of light over this landscape through the idea that perhaps it is a myth and multiple job change in the life of the people has always existed.

# Millennials, Job, Society, Education, Technology.

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