Weekly Tweet Selection. 6th – 10th March 2017.

10 March, 2017

 Monday, 6th March

Andrea Karpati (ELTE University) about how assessment may be personalised through informal formative assessment methods supported by e-learning platforms through DTransform Leadership School.


Tuesday, 7th March

Classroom technology tools that best apply to you and your students.


 Wednesday, 8th March

On Women’s Day, we highlight tweets on gender projects and research groups coordinated by the UOC.

GEDII – Gender Diversity Impact: improving research and innovation through gender diversity.


 GenPORT portal on gender and science.


 Thursday, 9th March

Sylvia Duckworth’s ideas for inquiry-based learning 

 8 tips to choose the best animated video maker for your next eLearning project via eLearning Industry.


 Friday, 10th March

 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning implementation in the enterprise (infographic).

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