Weekly Tweet Selection. 25th – 28th April 2017.

28 April, 2017

This latest April’s week selection gathers information about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on education, simulation environements and the incidence of Data Analysis on learning development. We have also focused on the paper of technology in both studying and teaching.

Monday, 24 April

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications on education.

• Advantages of simulations over other types of training interventions.

 Tuesday, 25 April

• An article to answer the next questions: what is machine learning? what are the approaches for machine learning? where is machine learning practically being used?

•  On the virtues of virtual labs and clasroom technology evolution.

•  Education challenges infography.

Hack for Good 2017 Barcelona’s video available (in spanish).

Wednesday, 26 April

•  How can a teacher become an engaging educator?

Thursday, 27 April 

•  Hot trends forecast for 2017 selected by Education Technology specialists.

• Some tips to use Twitter as a teacher from A to Z.

 Selection of search tools for students.

 UOC’s journals visibility.

Friday, 28 April

 How Big Data will affect the future of learning.

 Call for submissions for the International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education’s   thematic series “More than tools? Critical perspectives and alternative visions of technology in higher education.

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About the author
Desirée Rosa Gómez Cardosa
Specialist in educational innovation in the Observation Operative Group of the eLearning Innovation Center of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Her speciality is the detection and analysis of educational trends, innovation and technology in the Observatory of Educational Trends and Innovation of the eLinC. She holds a BA and MA in Art History from the Universitat de Barcelona and a Postgraduate Degree in e-learning Management from the UOC.
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