Weekly Tweet Selection. 27th February – 3rd March 2017.

3 March, 2017

 Friday, 3 March

Recommendations on the wise use of technology for learning.

ARLab 4 Years From Now experience by Lluís Villarejo, Specialist in the UOC’s Technology Department.

Tuesday, 2 March

Analysis of the use of social media in HEIs using the Technology Acceptance Model.

 Favorite learning apps recommended by education professionals and librarians.

Wednesday, 1 March

Report regarding the students’ view of technology and mobile learning.


Tuesday, 28 Frebuary

Diagram about the Learning Analytics: from data to personalization.

 Monday, 27 February

 A forecast infography about the top 6 e-learning trends in 2017.

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About the author
Desirée Rosa Gómez Cardosa
Educational innovation specialist in the Teaching and Learning Analysis team of the eLearning Innovation Center of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Her speciality is the spotting and analysis of educational trends, innovation and technology in the Observatory of Educational Trends and Innovation of the eLinC. She holds a BA and MA in Art History from the Universitat de Barcelona and a Postgraduate Degree in e-learning Management from the UOC.
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