Weekly Tweet Selection. 3rd to 7th July 2017

7 July, 2017

This first week of July tweet selection is focused on two main topics. The first regards to some interesting informations about Artificial Intelligence beginning with the AI dominion leaded by the moment by Google, Automation and new jobs created through AI and Machine Learning, neural networks and the reshaping of e-Learning and a map with the different AI fields.

A pair of infographics about EdTech and Big Data have also been highlighted.

The second topic is related to the UOC experts task of dissemination on e-Learning and other related subjects such as engaging education, liquid societies, automation, the 4th Industrial Revolution and also AI by the hand of the eLearn Center members Lluís Pastor, Guillem Garcia Brustenga and Xavier Mas.


Monday, 03 July

 Google is actually leading the reace for AI domination.

AI: automated decisions and human lives.

 New jobs will be created through AI (login required for the full article).

 Neural networks and AI: how it will shape e-Learning for good.

Tuesday, 04 July

• The Ed Tech periodic table (infographic).

Wednesday, 05 July

Artificial Intelligence and the jobs of the future: the impact of AI and Machine Learning on our jobs.


Thursday, 06 July

 The fields of Artificial Intelligence (infographic).

 eLearn Center’s director Lluis Pastor presenting “The learning revolution in the next decade” in the APeL meeting at the CEOE (in spanish).

Friday, 07 July

New collection by Editorial UOC: Outer EDU, featuring e-Learning experts (in spanish).

New post in the eLearn Center Blog about Guillem Garcia Brustenga’s book “La Reina Roja”.

 New UOC expert Xavier Mas’ book “El tejido de Weiser” recommendation. Keys, evolution and trends of the digital education (in spanish).

25 Blogs for the e-Learning experts.

Big Data maturity infographic.

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