Weekly Tweet Selection. 19th to 23rd June 2017

22 June, 2017

This Weekly Tweet Selection is centered in Instructional Design and the role of teachers, specially. From the paper of micro-credentials to the idea of the obsolescence of Instructional Designer concept passing through the skills in digital writing for students and teachers. Another highlighted topic is the role of Artificial Intelligence in education and solve problem and also data interaction through Machine Learning and its interactions with human learning. Other compliled tweets and articles treat LMS specialists roles and other tech related informations.

Monday, 19 June

 About the benefits of micro-credentials for teachers.

 Why 2017 is the year of Artificial Intelligence? the augment of human capability to solve real problems is one of the multiple answers. More reasons can be found on the article.

Machine and Human Learning. An article about what new technological advances teach us about learning interactions with data, AI, etc.

An amazing infographic about Artificial Intelligence as a Technology landscape.

Tuesday, 20 June

In the world of e-Learning, it is very important to have skills in digital writing, both as a teacher generating contents and as a student. This article deepens on it.

Wednesday, 21 June

UOC researchers develop a new technology to detect audiovisual scam (article in spanish). 

25 questions to guide a Project-Based Learning Planning (PBL spectrum infographic).

Thursday, 22 June

Resources for teachers: how to make an interactive graphic out of an infographic.

Another good resource for educators: how to use thumbnail sketches for teaching.

• About teaching programming to children (in spanish).

 The role of educators towards social networks.

Friday, 23 June

 A reflection about Instructional Design and the idea of the modern digital learning designer.

 About the role of the LMS administrator and his duties, skills and qualities.

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