Weekly Tweet Selection. 8th – 12th May 2017

12 May, 2017

This weekly Tweet selection focuses on teaching tools, habits for teachers who use technology  and teacher VS learner centered models. A part from that, we glance at the new ETHE collection about games and simulation and other sources about its relation with online learning, VLE and social media as a research tool. The other informations we have gathered are related to the implementation of automatation through some articles and infographics concerning to Machine Learning, Data Science and the technological innovations of the so called 4th Industrial Revolution.

Monday, 8 May

ICT tools for teaching. A video about teaching innovation in catalan universities (in catalan with english subtitles).

1st case: Viquipsicologia. Use of Wikipedia to improve written communicative competences. University of Barcelona.

2nd case: Use of the Learning Analytics in online collaborative environments: monitoring and evaluation of communicative interactions in ICT skills’ subject at the Open University of Catalonia.

3rd case: Effectiveness of the WIRIS quizzes tool in an online maths course. Open University of Catalonia

More information at: www.acup.cat/casos-seleccionats

New ETHE collection: “Games and Simulation in Higher Education” https://www.springeropen.com/collections/gshe, edited by Angel A. Juan (UOC), Birgit Loch (La Trobe University), Sebastian Ventura (Universitat de Còrdoba) and Athanasis Daradoumis (University of the Aegean).

 7 habits of teachers who use technology

 Tuesday, 9 May

 Chart about learner-centered Personalization and teacher-centered Differentiation and Individualization by Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey.

 Wednesday, 10 May

 Social media research tools to use this channels as a data source.

 Machine Learning model processes.

Thursday, 11 May

 An analysis on data science examined through the relationship between several key concepts in the data science realm.

 An infographic about 4IR Technologies in the innovation landscape.

Friday, 12 May

 A regard over the connection between games and online learning. How game-based learning can improve the way children are taught.

 International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education research article “Scenarios in virtual learning environments for one-to-one communication skills training” by Raja Lala, Johan JeuringJordy van Dortmont and Marcell van Geest.


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