Weekly Tweet Selection. 15th – 19th May 2017

15 May, 2017

This week we focus on some e-Learning aspects such as the e-Learning student empathy, how people are benefiting from online learning  an overview on the trends to come, the regulations of Higher Education and the paper of engagement in education through gamification. Other focus of interest are Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on one hand and an article about the improvement of the visibility of scientific papers.

Monday, 15 May

• Infographic with the eLearning student empathy map by SHIFT eLearning.

• An article to understand the basics of Machine Learning.

Tuesday, 16 May

• How to improve the visibility of your scientific papers and articles (in spanish).

Wednesday, 17 May

• A view on how regulators  are conservative on higher education business model and how it can affect the way education can be offered.

• 20 facts about eLearning  (article and infographic).

Thursday, 18 May

• A predictive vision over the eLearning trends to come.

• The three stages of Artificial Intelligence infographic.

Friday, 19 May

• About gaming and the paper of engagement in learning (in spanish).

• Coursera’s 2017 Learner Outcome Survey: Education seekers and Career builders (infographic). Answering to how are people globally benefiting from Online Learning.

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