Behavioural Design Lab

Adolescents and ICT

This area aims at improving adolescents’ health through the use of ICT and social networks.



eHealthLit4Teen. Learning ecologies in digital mental health in adolescents in Barcelona. Contents and formats through social networks. (2022-2025).  WEB   

Funding: Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (PID2021-127129OB-I00)

Objective: Analysis of the health literacy and the dynamics of digital communication on mental health content among adolescents on social networks in Barcelona, in order to propose an intervention in digital mental health literacy through secondary schools.

Team: Eulàlia Hernández (PI) and Mercè Boixadós (Bd-Lab), Ferran Lalueza (Game-UOC), Rocío Casañas and Jenifer Martín (Associació Centre Higiene Mental Les Corts). Col.laborators: Montserrat Martínez (Eix-Prevenció and PSiNET) and Hermínia Biescas (IES Salvador Seguí). 


Online prevention of anxiety (2013 – )


Objective: Design and validation of an online psychoeducational intervention in a sample of children with high sensitivity to anxiety.

Team:  Montserrat Martínez (PSiNET) (PI).

Adolescents on the Net (2011 – )


Objective: Analysis of adolescents’ use of ICT and social networks for health.

Team: Noemí Guillamón, Montse Martínez, Eulàlia Hernández and Mercè Boixadós (PSiNET).

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