Behavioural Design Lab


Behavioural Design Lab Team

Manuel Armayones Ruiz

Position. Chief of the Behavioural Design Lab at UOC eHealth Center. Associate Professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, UOC.

Interests. Persuasive design in eHealth; Psychology and eHealth; Health Literacy; Psychology 2.0; Intervention; Health promotion through IT.

Bio. My research interests focus on strategies of persuasion through technology and general design aimed at improving the health of citizens. It also works in the field of digital literacy, and in the adherence to treatment based on the analysis of psychological factors related to the participation and commitment of patients and citizens in ICT interventions for health. Currently it is working with different theoretical and conceptual models based on psychological theories and previous experience in persuasive design in health, in order to recommend researchers, organizations and strategic companies to increase the adherence of patients and citizens in ICT interventions for the promotion of health; and to assess the “level of persuasion” of an online intervention for the promotion of health.

Mercè Boixadós Anglès

Position. Associate Professor at Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, UOC. Academic manager Office of the Vice president.

Interests. On-line psychological interventions; Methodology applied.

Bio. I am Doctor in Psychology for the Autonomous University of Barcelona (1997). Since 1991 until 2002 I have been teacher of the assignatures Analysis of Data, Statistical and Methods Research of the Department of Psicobiologia and Methodology in Sciences of the Health at the Faculty of Psychology for the Autonomous University of Barcelona, as well as collaborator in several researches for the Group Studies of Psychology of Sport (GEPE) in the same university. Since 2002 I am teacher of the Studies of Psychology and Sciences of Education at the UOC and member of the group of research PSiNET.

Beni Gómez-Zúñiga

Position. Associate Professor at Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, UOC, where I coordinate courses in Basic Psychology and Clinical and Health Psychology.

Interests. Psychology and eHealth; Health promotion; Technology and the elderly; Cognition and ICT.

Bio. I have a degree in Philosophy and Education (1990) and a degree in Psychology (1991) from the University of Barcelona. I did pre-doctoral studies abroad at Yale University (1991-1993). From 1993 to 2005, I developed research and teaching activities related to the area of Basic Psychology at the University of Barcelona, in the same department where I received my doctorate in 2001. I later worked as part of the team for Psychology and Education Studies at the UOC (2005), where I now coordinate psychology courses and do research in the PSiNET group.

Eulàlia Hernández i Encuentra

Position. Researcher and Coordinator of PSiNET. Associate Professor at Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, UOC. 

Interests. Psychology and eHealth; eHealth Literacy; Online Psychological Interventions; Health promotion; Psychology 2.0; Empowerment; Child and Adolescent Mental Health; Technology and the elderly; Evaluation and treatment of pain.

Bio. I am a Psychologist and Doctor of Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where I started my academic studies. In addition to my work in clinical and educational practice, I have been a researcher and Professor of Developmental Psychology and Education in the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB, 1991-2010), The University Ramon Llull (URL, 1997-2003) and the Open University of Catalonia (UOC, 1995- present). I have been a researcher for the PSiNET group since 2003.

Modesta Pousada Fernández

Position. Associate Professor at Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences at UOC. Dean of the Psychology degree.

Interests. Psychology and eHealth; Health promotion; Psychology 2.0; Technology and the elderly; Cognition and ICT.

Bio. I received my psychology degree from the University of Barcelona, and upon finishing my degree, I started working in the Department of Basic Psychology, where I read my doctoral thesis in 1996 and developed the first ten years of my academic career. In 2001, I joined the Open University of Catalonia, and shortly after, the PSiNET Group, where I have been conducting my most recent research.

Rocío Pina Ríos

Position. Professor at Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences at UOC

Interests. My research interests are focused on psychological aspects and cognitive processes in the use of ICT, as well as forensic psychology.

Bio. I am a Psychologist and PhD in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and I have a postgraduate degree in Court Psychology and Forensic Psychological Assessment (UAB, 2010). In addition to my work with different foundations, I am a professor of Basic Psychology (UAB, 2006-present) and a professor of the Psychological and Education Studies (UOC, 2017-present) where I have also been a researcher for the PSiNET group in 2018.

Inma Grau

Position. Head of the mHealth Clinic Observatory project at the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona

Interests. mHealth, digital health, ePacients

Bio. Dr. Grau is responsible for the project of the Observatori mHealth Clínic, and is a member of the Patient Information and Therapeutic Education Working Group (GTIET) and of the projects related to the strategic plan and therapeutic education of patients, families and caregivers of this hospital. In 2006 he created and promoted the Forum Clinic an interactive platform for patients aimed at increasing their autonomy in health through the use of ICT, which was a pioneer in its field.
Creator and director of the Fundación iSYS, a non-profit society that works to establish new practices in digital health and that promotes the “Top20 Awards” according to iSYScore, a list of the best apps in health, and the digital platform for breast cancer patients, Xemio.
Doctor in the Information and Knowledge Society from the UOC, she was  selected by HIMMS Europe (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) as one of the 50 leading people in Europe in the field of ICT in health. She collaborates with the IDIBAPS Primary Care Cross-Cutting Research Group and is a member of the Board of the Grupo Ágata Patient Association.


BDLab Collaborators

Montserrat Martínez García

Position. PSiNET collaborator.

Interests. Psychology and eHealth; Online Psychological Interventions; Health promotion; Child and Adolescent Mental Health.

Bio. I am a licensed psychologist with a degree from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB, 1999) and a diploma in Speech Therapy, (2002). I am currently a doctoral research fellow at the UAB. Since 2003, I have had a private practice as a child and adolescent psychologist, and since 2006, I have been combining my clinical work with the field of Education at the UOC, where I teach in Child Psychopathology, Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychological Assessment, and the Clinical Psychology Practicum.

Marta Lupón Bas

Position. PSiNET collaborator.

Interests. Psychology of visual impairment; Quality of life (QoL); Health and e-Health literacy; Health promotion; Online Psychological intervention.

Bio. PhD Information and Communication Society (UOC). Diploma in Optics and Optometry (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – Universitat d’Alacant), bachelor degree in Psychology (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia), and Master in Psychology, health and Quality of Life (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya). Professor in the Department of Optics and Optometry at the UPC. At present I’m investigating the impact that caregiving children with visual impairment has on parents’ quality of life, and analysing the quality of webpages with information on visual impairment of child and teens as parents’ health literacy resources. 

Ignacio del Arco Herrera

Position. Researcher.

Interests. Innovation in health and wellbeing; digital health; technologies for independent life; active ageing; suicide prevention; health promotion; health literacy; empowerment and participative models in health.

Bio. I finished my PhD on Biological Sciences in the Human Physiology program at Complutense University of Madrid in 2000, and since then I have been working on different fields of scientific research, the transferral of biomedical technology, processes of human-centered design or the evaluation of social and technological impact of health innovations. My professional career has been developed in non-profit organizations for scientific research and innovation, and I have led the launch and set up of various entrepreneurship projects based on knowledge and technology transfer. In 2018 I started to work at UOC eHealth Center, actively participating in PSINET research lines, mainly in the one related to health literacy.

BDLab PhD Researchers.

Lourdes Carrascon Arconada 

Position. PhD Researcher.

Interests. Biofeedback; Investigation; Recruiter; Anxiety-stress.

Bio. Degree in psychology from the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), Master in Evaluation and Measurement of Behavior.  UOC academic tutor. Passionate about research and the application of digital  technologies for the improvement of high-performance of people and competitive athletes. Specialist in Biofeedback, and control of anxiety and stress, in the workplace.

Elena Castro

Position. PhD Researcher.

Interests. Psychology and eHealth; Health promotion; Psychology 2.0; Technology and the elderly; Active ageing.

Bio. Degree in Law and Graduate in Psychology with a Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology and another in Information and Knowledge Society. I am currently working in an NGO dedicated to providing psychological and educational support through projects and programs aimed at minors, women, the elderly, ethnic minorities and people without resources. My work focuses on psychotherapeutic care and the development of programs of care for the elderly institutionalized through technology. I combine this work with psychological care in a private medical center.

Josep M. Suelves Joanxich

Position. Pre-doctoral researcher.

Interests. Public Health; Health Psychology; Epidemiology; Smoking; Unintentional Injuries.

Bio. Degree in Philosophy and Educational Sciences – Psychology Section, University of Barcelona. Professional and scientific activity in health promotion, prevention and treatment of tobacco, alcohol and substance use disorders, and prevention of unintentional injuries. Currently head of the Service of Tobacco & Injuries Prevention in the Public Health Agency of Catalonia. He has been lecturer on Psychobiology at the University of Barcelona and course instructor at the Faculty of Psychology and Education at UOC, where he is currently a teaching tutor.

Giuliano Duarte Anselmi   

Position. PhD researcher.

Interests. Public Health; Behaviour Change; Mental Health; Adolescent mental health.

Bio. Associate professor and a researcher at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Santiago de Chile. Master in public health, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and master in international cooperation and public policies, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. With experience in evidence synthesis. His trajectory and clinical training have been in primary health care related to prenatal control, gynecological control – women’s health – and prevention of STIs / HIV in the community. His research interest, focuses on improving and strengthening public health through the design, implementation, and evaluation of new and innovative evidence-based interventions. His academic interests are decision-making in health, sustainable development, planetary health, behavior change, and digital interventions.

Tsz (Jess) Kiu Liu   

Position. PhD researcher.

Interests. Healthy aging; patient behavior and activation; mental health of older adults; technology use; public health; epidemiology.

Bio. Degree in Political Science and Communications from University of California, Berkeley. Master’s degrees in Urban Planning and Public Health from Columbia University of New York. Worked 10 years in healthcare administration and quality improvement in the United States, with a special interest in aging populations. My research focuses on using longitudinal data to understand the impact of older adults’ interaction with technologies and information on their health.

BDLab Research Assistants

Lidia Merino Rubio

Position. PhD researcher.

Interests. Health Promotion, eHealth, Empowerment, Adolescent Mental Health, Health Literacy. ealthy aging; patient behavior and activation; mental health of older adults; technology use; public health; epidemiology.

Bio. I’m a qualified Nurse who graduated from the University of Barcelona (2015). I started my professional career as an oncology nurse in Catalonia and Ireland. At the end of 2019 I changed to the research and management field while I was studying my Master’s in Digital Health in UOC. I work as an assistant researcher in the project eHealthLit4teen. 


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