Behavioural Design Lab

Lifestyle and Quality of Life in the ICT Society

This area aims at studying how people use ICT in their daily life and for healthcare.



Quality of life in caregivers of children with cerebral palsy (2008-2011)

Funding: Ministry of Science and Innovation (PSI2008-01124/PSIC).

Objective: Design and run of an online intervention to improve the quality of life of parents taking care of children with chronic disorders. 

Team: Mercè Boixadós (PI) (PSiNET). Manuel Armayones, Beni Gómez-Zúñiga, Noemí Guillamón, Eulàlia Hernández, Modesta Pousada, Rubén Nieto, Elena Muñoz and Diego Redolar (PSiNET).


Health and quality of life in the knowledge society: conceptual, methodological and applied aspects (2003-2006)

Funding: Ministry of Science and Technology (SEC2003-03403).

Objective: Analysis of internet use and design of an online intervention to promote healthy behaviours and lifestyle habits.  

Team: Mercè Boixadós (PI) and Lourdes Valiente (PI) (PSiNET). Manuel Armayones, Mercè Boixadós,  Modesta Pousada, Eulàlia Hernández,  and Josep Vivas (PSiNET), Josep Maria Suelves (Agència de Salut Pública de Catalunya), Andrés Chamarro and Javier Bueno (UAB), Ferran Padrós (UOC). 


Health psychology and quality of life in the ICT society (2002-2003)

Funding: IN3-UOC (IR220).

Objective: Analysis of the Health related contend in the Net and the needs of internet users.

Team: Lourdes Valiente (PI) (PSiNET), Manuel Armayones, Pep Vivas, Mercè Boixadós and Julio Meneses (PSiNET).

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