Behavioural Design Lab

Work with us

Do you want to work with us?

If you are a student, researcher or professional from an institution or company interested in psychology, health and ICT, and you would like to collaborate with us, e-mail us at, telling us about your interests and motivation, and we will contact you.

PRE and POSTDOCTORAL Researchers

PSiNET is open to working with predoctoral students with little to no research experience and postdoctoral researchers interested in continuing their work within PSiNET’s institutional and research structure. We have applied internally and externally for pre- and postdoctoral research grants and have experience in training researchers. PSiNET members have and are currently helping a number of students complete their doctoral theses.

PSiNET lines of research are included in the UOC’s doctoral programs. Here you will  find basic information on UOC’s doctoral programme, fellowships and research grants.

UOC’s Doctoral School

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