UNESCO Chair International Seminar 2008

1 December, 2008

‘Fighting the Digital Divide through Education’

The Chair’s V Seminar was held 12-14 November 2008 in Barcelona. It was focused on analyzing the different factors that can help overcome the so-called digital divide. Among other aspects, it aimed to look at access to open knowledge, creation of general knowledge open repositories, support for open research, innovation and teaching activities, and the different initiatives related to these areas.

Experiences such as One Laptop per Child, African Virtual University or Curruki were examined as part of the seminar in order to assess how promotion of open education through intensive use of technology can help solve this problem arising from the cost of organised access to open knowledge.

The main aim of the seminar was to debate the different possible solutions to the problem of digital divides, cataloging and analyzing success stories where ICT have played an important role in the development of education, in spite of technological and social barriers. The definitive aim, all in all, were to demonstrate how education can help overcome the digital divide.


  • Imma Tubella, Rector of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain.
  • Teemu Leinonen, Media Lab-University of Art and Design Helsinki, Finland.
  • Ivan Krstic, Harvard University, USA.
  • Linda G. Roberts, Board of Directors at Curruki, Canada.
  • Sugata Mitra, Newcastle University, UK.
  • Bakary Diallo, African Virtual University, Kenya.
  • Susan E. Metros, University of Southern California, USA.
  • Tim Unwin, Royal Holloway University of London, UK.


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