UOC UNESCO Chair in Elearning | Fifth International Seminar – Reflections & Conclusions

14 November, 2008

Notes from the UOC UNESCO Chair in e-Learning Fifth International Seminar. Fighting the Digital Divide through Education)

Reflections & Conclusions




The real fact of the digital divide

  • Multiple factors
  • Many different (digital) divides, in relationship to context: culture, geography, education, wealth
  • Where to start? Many and different approaches

Importance of the “digital” issue

  • The “digital” embedded in the socioeconomic divide
  • The “digital” embedded in the education divide
  • What’s the relationship between digital and analogue variables


  • Awareness raising
  • Build from previous experience (e.g. best practices)
  • Open processes, open outputs, open participation
  • If added value, will to pay (i.e. impact and sustainability)
  • Evaluation, assessment


  • Communities of practice
  • Leveraging communities by focusing on their needs
  • Self-organization
  • Partnerships
  • Networks
  • Distributed agoras to debate

ICTs and Education

  • Technology not to replace the teacher
  • Need to train teachers in ICT usage
  • Who’s the expert? The role of youngsters
  • Relevance of open content (i.e. OER)
  • The networked, multidisciplinary and multicultural teacher & faculty
  • Gain from system disruptions to review teaching & assessment

Digital literacies

  • Multiple literacies: textual, visual… and language
  • Evolving and pervasive nature of digital literacies
  • Digital skills as part of the curriculum, embedded in the whole educational process
  • ICTs as a language, not just technology
  • Training the trainers, educating the educators

What’s next? (VI Seminar 2009)

  • Best strategies of knowledge diffusion
  • Semantic web in Education
  • Teacher training in the Information Society
  • Awareness raising in policy-makers and decision-takers
  • Education for citizenship, values and attitudes
  • Back to open education
  • Social learning, peer learning, emergent learning


I would personally like to thank the speakers — for their collaboration — and the audience — for their engagement and participation.

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