The Chair

Created in 2012, the Chair’s mission is to promote research, learning and dissemination of the intensive use of technologies in education. In particular, it studies the evolution of online education and its quality, in order to contribute to a new transformative and positive vision of education.

The Chair closely follows the main global trends in education and the technological resources that support them. It creates networks with key experts and institutions in this field. The objective of the Chair is to investigate and disseminate quality practices in the educational use of technologies that promote equity and the generation of educational opportunities for disadvantaged collectives. The Chair is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.


  • To promote research projects around the main areas of the Chair.
  • To develop a trending topic of discussion, through various activities such as the International Seminar once a year.
  • To keep the Chair’s international antennas updated and to develop coordination and dynamization mechanisms.
  • To disseminate information related to research and current trends on the main areas of the Chair.

Main areas

  • Hybrid and online education.
  • Social transformation and changes in the ways of teaching and learning.
  • Quality of online education.
  • Open Education (Digital divide / Equity / others).


While open to develop other activities that are not listed here, the Chair focuses on:

  • Organization of Seminars and other training and dissemination activities.
  • Promotion and participation in research projects.
  • Publication of books, articles and reports on the subjects of the Chair.
  • Dissemination of information related to the topics of the Chair.
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