2016 Trends in e-learning publications

28 February, 2017

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Do you know which are the most common topics of scientific papers on e-learning? Is your research in line with this trending topics?

BIP (Boosting Impact Publications) is an eLearn Center initiative devoted to aid e-learning researchers in the publication process. It has identified the most published e-learning subjects on impact journals in 2016 in Web of Science and Scopus databases. Mobile learning (m-learning) and MOOCs are the most recurrent ones.

M-learning leaves behind the image of the student in front of the computer and outlines new learning scenarios for people who are permanently connected and in motion, reinforcing ubiquitous and seamless learning processes, which can occur anywhere, at any time or environment.

MOOC —Massive Open Online Courses— researches are still trendy. They are mainly focused on topics such as self-regulated learning, motivation & engagement, assessment, retention, collective intelligence, plagiarism and OER (Open Educational Resources), among others.

Assessment, e-learning in medical environments and emotion recognition are issues that follow the m-learning and MOOCs topics in the frequency of publications.

This topics list can be helpful for researchers to know the hottest subjects for the journals to publish on.

Note: The identification of these trends has been carried out from a review of the articles included at WOS and Scopus indexes between January and December 2016. The process has started from the identification of the main topic of the article and a later categorization.


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Núria Molas is a member of the eLearn Center's research staff, and a researcher and lecturer at the University of Barcelona.
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