Workshop “Political deliberation on Twitter and political parties’ platforms in Spain”

17 January, 2023

We are pleased to announce the organization of a workshop to present the results of the R+D project “Political deliberation on Twitter and political parties’ platforms in Spain” (PID2019-110000GB-I00), financed by the Ministery of Science and Innovation, and led by Rosa Borge and Joan Balcells.

The workshop, co-organized by the research groups CNSC and GADE from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, will be held on the 26th January and can be followed in streaming.

The workshop is divided into two different sections. After the presentation of the reserach project by Rosa Borge, the following papers will be presented and discussed:

  • Voice and Deliberation in Spanish partisan Twitter-spheres”, by Albert Padró-Solanet, Joan Balcells and Rosa Borge (UOC)
  • The Gender divide in issue attention on Twitterby Laura Chaqués and Camilo Cristancho (UB)
  • A cross-country analysis of homophily and polarization in Twitter political networks: the case of Catalonia and the Netherlandsby Marc Esteve del Valle (University of Groningen)
  • La deliberación en las plataformas de los partidos políticos españolesby Òscar Barberà (UV)

The second section will consist of a round-table discussion involving communication officers from several political parties, moderated by Joan Ricart (UPF-UAB).

Find all the information and register here.

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