Political deliberation on Twitter and political parties' platforms in Spain — PID2019-110000GB-I00 (2019 - Proyectos I+D+i, MICINN)

Doctoral students

Theses under supervision

  • PhD Candidate. Tatiana Fernández. “How populist rhetoric affects social coexistence. Social polarization, populism and political deliberation of Spanish political parties in social networks” (Doctoral Programme in Society, Technology and Culture, UOC).
  • PhD Candidate. Jorge Bronet Campos. “Political deliberation on Spanish partisan social media” (Doctoral Programme in Society, Technology and Culture, UOC).
  • PhD Candidate. Ludovic Terren. “Social media echo chambers, polarization and the potential for quality democratic deliberation.” (Doctoral Programme in Information and Knowledge Society, UOC). To be defended in Autumn 2021.

Past theses

  • PhD. Marc Esteve Del Valle. “Are Social Media Challenging Politics? Interaction in Catalan Parties’ Facebook Pages and among Catalan MPs Twitter Accounts.” (Doctoral Programme in Information, Comunication & Society, UOC). 16/07/2015.
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