Participation in the Workshop “Party Digital Democratic Innovations in Europe”

16 July, 2023

The International workshop “Party Digital Democratic Innovations (PDDI) in Europe” was held at the Universitat de València from 15-17 December 2022 and was organized by Oscar Barbera (professor at the Faculty of Constitutional Law and Political Science UV, and member of the Digital Parties Research Network).

Some of the presenters at the workshop included Rosa Borge (CNSC research group leader at IN3); Sara Suárez (Juan de la Cierva researcher, and member of the CNSC research group); Jorge Bronet (PhD candidate at UOC, working on digital parties); and Albert Padró-Solanet (lecturer at UOC and member of the GADE research group). Rosa Borge presented the current research lines and projects of the CNSC research group, and Sara Suárez focused on the research line on Artificial Intelligence and the risks for democracy. Albert Padró-Solanet presented the results of the ONPARTDEL project derived from the paper “Voice and deliberation in partisan Twitter-spheres”.  

The workshop was participated by researchers from different European countries and civil society organizations interested in the digitalization of politics. It also included a round table participated by the youth sections of Valencian political parties. The event helped to reinforce the Digital Parties Research Network, with whom the research group CNSC collaborates with through COST Actions and Horizon European projects.  

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