“Political Deliberation in the Spanish Political Parties’ Twittershere” presented at the 2021 ECPR Conference.

25 October, 2021

Our research group belonging to the ONPARTDEL project (Rosa Borge, Joan Balcells, Albert Padró-Solanet and Marc Esteve) presented the paper “Political deliberation in the Spanish political parties’ Twittersphere” on  September 2, 2021, at the ECPR General Conference. This is our first release of results from the ONPARTDEL project.  We have analyzed the Twittersphere around the five main Spanish political parties (PSOE, PP, Cs, Podemos and Vox) by comparing the variation in the parties’ communicative behaviour during and after the 2021 Madrid regional elections campaign. Our findings show a sharp decline in the parties’ retweet activity once the election campaign is over, but the reply activity tends to remain stable. 

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