Presenting the results of the ONPARTDEL project at the ECPR Joint Sessions

16 July, 2023

We presented the paper “A distorted mirror? Intra-party Twitter communities in Spanish political parties” at the ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops (25th-28th April 2023, Science Po Toulouse). The paper was presented in the panel “Beyond Election Campaigns: Political Parties and the Use of Digitalization in Daily Politics” coordinated by Sergiu Gherghina (University of Glasgow), Òscar Barberà (Univeristat de València) and Marco Lisi (IPRI-NOVA).

The panel focussed on the process of digitalization of political parties mainly, but not exclusively, from an intra-party perspective. The aim of the workshop was to expand the discussion of the role of digital technologies in party politics beyond electoral contexts. Several topics were discussed ranging from the implications of digital technologies for intra-party communication and deliberation, and for party cohesion, to the analysis of specific tools for intra-party democracy or attitudes towards digitalization. The workshop included experiences from several countries such as Bulgaria, Estonia, Italy, Germany, Belgium or Spain. We thank the organizers and all participants for this fruitful workshop and for the insightful discussions and feedback.

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