Art Schools Go MOOC, With a New Online Platform

18 June, 2015

Teaching free courses in the arts as MOOCs had bee tried before via Coursera, but it did not work out well, so its authors frustrated by limitations of the Coursera platform,  just left  it – until now.

The new virtual art school Kadenze has teamed up with 18 institutions, including Stanford and Princeton Universities, to create a digital platform designed for  arts courses. According to a company co-founder, Perry R. Cook, an emeritus professor at Princeton, the platform will be multimedia rich and allow students to create online portfolios, upload music files and scanned art, watch videos, and participate in discussion forums.

Kadenze will initially offer about 20 courses on subjects including music, art history, and technology and art. Students will enroll in courses and watch videos free, but if they want to submit assignments and receive grades and feedback, they will have to pay $7 a month. There will be courses offered for credit, for fees of $300, $600 or $900 a course.

Kadenza’s founders anticipate that Kadenze’s courses will attract a broad range of students, but that the primary interest will be from artists, performers, and those interested in going to art school.

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