MOOCs for Teacher Professional Development Partnership

8 May, 2013

Most of recent news about developments of open online courses have been gloomy.   The black shadow of MOOCs started to crawl into technological innovation of any kind. Just to mention the title of an article in the Chronicle today: Scholars Sound the Alert From the ‘Dark Side’ of Tech Innovation. ( It is hardly worth of reading, though…It reports on the conference in Milwaukee, which was called “The Dark Side of the Digital” ).

 But this one is a good news. A first series of massive Teacher Professional Development (PD) courses will be launched  online on the Coursera platform this summer, free (no strings seem attached).
A dozen of leading schools of education, educational and cultural institutions joined Coursera for this ambitious project. In words of Gordon Brown, United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education,
“Coursera’s ambitious agenda to take teacher training and professional development to scale using technology is an important and crucial innovation on the road to meeting our global education goals.”

(Check out the current list of courses.)

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