X International Seminar videos now available

18 February, 2015


Videos of the X International Seminar have been published on UOC’s youtube page. The 2-day seminar led to several discussions on the challenges and opportunities of education regarding to curricula. Our speakers discussed on what is and should be taught and learnt, the role of schools and teachers in learning, the educational needs for the next century and the policy implications of the changes to be made. Also, demo presenters shared with the rest of the participants many hands-on experiences of change-triggering practices. All this you can find clicking on the links below.

Opening Session (Josep A. Planell Estany, Emma Kiselyova, Albert Sangrà)


Changing Higher Education from the Classroom Up (Cathy Davidson)

Patterns of Innovation-Transforming Early Learning and Beyond with 21st Century Skills (Helen Soulé)

The New Curriculum: Policy into Practice in Scotland (Mark Priestley)

A Curriculum for Ownership, Ubiquity and Accountability (Núria Miró)

Do Schools Conceal or Reveal Learning? (Joe Bower)

Learning {Re}Imagined: How the Connected Society is Transforming Learning (Graham Brown-Martin)


Encouraging Pre-Service Teachers to Re-Vision Mathematics: Focusing on the “Have a Go” Aspect of Numeracy (Audrey Cooke)

Sangakoo: Proven Effects of Collaborative Learning (Pere Monràs and Judit Castro)

Agilifying Learning: How Agile (SCRUM) Organization Techniques Can Enable Learner Agency, Dialogue and Democratization in Learning Within Any Curricula (Jasmina Nicolik and Karl Royle)

Interaction, Reflection and Competencial Work (Antonia Dolcet and Alba Rodoreda)

Holistic Education: the New Model’s Learning Objective (Anna Díaz and Paco Rico)

Can Learning Using the Internet in the Context of Self-Organised Learning Environments (SOLEs) Replace Traditional Vocational Education and Training? (Cathy Ellis)

Open Assessment and OERs as Enablers in Competency-Based Education (Tom Caswell)

Zero Cost Management Graduate (Ankit Khandelwal)

Conclusions and Takeaways
(Albert Sangrà)


You can visit the official X Seminar’s website here.

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