ICT interdisciplinary research group

Occupational health and well-being

We study the relationship between work, well-being and occupational health. We investigate the satisfaction and quality of work and the psychosocial risks derived from the use of technology. We explore the interaction between different individual characteristics and psychosocial constructs with the dimensions of occupational well-being and occupational health.

  • Job quality. Predictors and multidimensional models. Social, economic and business effects of work quality (intrinsic quality, organization of work, social relations, conditions and intensity of work, health and safety, psychosocial risks, work-life balance, etc.).
  • Welfare. Wellbeing and sustainable consumption. Well-being, performance and satisfaction at work. Job happiness.
  • Health, work and technology. Occupational stressors. Determinants and consequences of techno-stress.

Most relevant recent publications:

Ficapal-Cusí, P., Torrent-Sellens, J., Palos-Sánchez, P., González-González, I. (2023). The telework performance dilemma: Exploring the role of trust, social isolation and fatigueInternational Journal of Manpower

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