ICT interdisciplinary research group

Economy, business and digital transformation

In this line, the economic and business effects of the digital transformation are investigated. We study how digital technologies, especially its second wave (robotics and artificial intelligence, data driven-economy, collaborative platforms), transform the activity and the main business and economic results (innovation, productivity, employment and competitiveness).

Economy and digital transformation

  • Digital transformation, automation and artificial intelligence. Predictors, complementarities and economic and business results (productivity, exports, innovation, gross margin, labour, remuneration) of the technological waves linked with digitalisation and automation.
  • Collaborative economies and platform work. Motivations, behavior, economic and business models and effects of the different forms of collaboration (obtaining goods and services, and provision of work) in peer-to-peer exchanges.
  • Labour economics, technological change and the labor market Impact of 4.0 technologies on employment and wages.

Business and digital transformation

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation processes. Analysis of entrepreneurship and innovation in companies. Importance of gender and characteristics of the entrepreneur in the success of the business.
  • Digitalisation of Human Resources. Effects of digital transformation on HR strategy and practices.
  • Consumer journey and brand experience. Analysis of the relationship between the customer and the brand (journey). Determinants of the strengthening of the relationship (in each of the stages) and consequences effects in terms of conversion, experience, satisfaction, loyalty and recommendation
  • Relationship marketing and brand love. Analysis (from the business side) of customer relationship management. Design and implementation of get-keep-growth strategies in the field of inbound marketing aimed at attracting and converting leads, and promoters (Creating an intangible capital based on brand love).

Most relevant recent publications:

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