ICT interdisciplinary research group

Digital health and telemedicine

Digital forms of health care and health services are investigated. We study how digital health and telemedicine adopt and transform the practices of health professionals, healthcare activity, the professional-patient relationship, and the results (personal and organisational) of healthcare entities and systems.

Most relevant recent publications:

Torrent-Sellens, J.; Díaz-Chao, A.; Soler-Ramos, I.; Saigí-Rubió, F. (2018). Modelling and predicting outcomes of eHealth usage by European physicians: Multidimensional approach form a survey of 9,196 general practitionersJournal of Medical Internet Research, 20(10), e279.

Torrent-Sellens J, Díaz-Chao Á, Soler-Ramos I, Saigí-Rubió F (2016) Modelling and Predicting eHealth Usage in Europe: A Multidimensional Approach From an Online Survey of 13,000 European Union Internet UsersJournal of Medical Internet Research, 18(7), e188. 

Saigí-Rubió, F.; Torrent-Sellens, J.; Jiménez-Zarco, A.I. (2014). Drivers of telemedicine use: evidence from samples of Spanish, Colombian and Bolivian physicians. Implementation Science, 9, 128-144.

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