ICT interdisciplinary research group

eLearning and future of work

This line investigates the relationship between online learning and work outcomes (employment, salaries, employability). We explore how eLearning, individual characteristics, and employee employability interact.

Most relevant recent publications:

Ficapal-Cusí, P., Torrent-Sellens, J., Palos-Sánchez, P., González-González, I. (2023). The telework performance dilemma: Exploring the role of trust, social isolation and fatigue. International Journal of Manpower

Martínez-Cerdà, J.F., Torrent-Sellens, J., González-González, I. (2020). Socio-technical e-learning innovation and ways of learning in the ICT-space-time continuum to improve the employability skills of adults. Computers in Human Behavior, 107, 105753.

Martínez-Cerdá, J. F.; Torrent-Sellens, J.; González-González, I.; Ficapal-Cusí, P. (2018). Opening the Black-Box in Lifelong E-Learning for Employability: A Framework for a Socio-Technical E-Learning Employability System of Measurement (STELEM). Sustainability, 10, 1014.

Martínez-Cerdá, J.-F., Torrent-Sellens, J. (2017). Formal lifelong e-learning for employability and job stability during turbulent times in SpainInternational Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 18(6), 261-287.

Torrent-Sellens J.; Ficapal-Cusí P.; Boada-Grau J. (2016). Dispositional employability and online training purchase. Evidence from employees’ behavior in SpainFrontiers in Psychology, 7, 831.

Jiménez-Zarco; A.I., González-González, I., Saigí-Rubio, F., Torrent-Sellens, J. (2015). The Co-learning process in Healthcare Professionals: Assessing User Satisfaction in Virtual Communities of Practice. Computers in Human Behaviour, 51(B), 1303-1313.

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