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• Torrent-Sellens, J. (2015) “Knowledge Products and Network Externalities: Implications for the Business Strategy“. Journal of the Knowledge Economy, 6:138–156. DOI 10.1007/s13132-012-0122-7

• Llodrà-Riera, I.; Martínez-Ruíz, M.P.; Jiménez-Zarco, A.I.; Izquierdo-Yusta, A. (2015). “A multidimensional analysis of the information sources construct and its relevance for destination image formation”. Tourism Management, 48:319-329. DOI: 10.1016/j.tourman.2014.11.012

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• Díaz-Chao, Á., Sainz-González, J., & Torrent-Sellens, J. (2015). The competitiveness of small network-firm: A practical tool. Journal of Business Research. doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2015.10.053.

• Quiroga-Parra, Torrent-Sellens, J. (2015) “Hechos de productividad desde la innovación: un análisis empírico en América Latina“. Global Conference on Business and Finance 2015 Proceedings, vol. 10(2), pp. 1262 – 1272.

• SKORUPINSKA, A.; TORRENT-SELLENS, J. (2015) “The Role of ICT in the Productivity of Central and Eastern European Countries: Cross-country Comparison“.
Revista de Economía Mundial: 39, pp.201-222. ISSN: 1576-0162.

• Díaz-Chao, Á.; Miralbell-Izard, O.; Torrent-Sellens, J. (2015) “Information and Communication Technologies, Innovation, and Firm Productivity in Small and Medium-Sized Travel Agencies. New Evidence from Spain“. Journal of Travel Research, 1- 12. DOI: 10.1177/0047287515583357

• Torrent-Sellens, J.; Ficapal-Cusí, P.; Boada-Grau, J.; Vigil-Colet, A. (2015). “Information and communication technology, co-innovation, and perceived productivity in tourism small and medium enterprises: an exploratory analysis“. Current Issues in Tourism.

• Díaz-Chao, A.; Sainz-González, J.; Torrent-Sellens, J. (2015) “ICT, innovation, and firm productivity: New evidence from small local firms“. Journal of Business Research

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• CASTELLÀ-ESCOLÀ, J., TORRENT-SELLENS, J., & CURÓS-VILÀ, M. P. (2015). “Entrepreneurship and Financing: Empirical Characterization of New Catalan Companies and the Influence of Belonging to a Business Group”. Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Development, 3(2), 17-28.

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• Martınez-Cerdá, J. F., & Torrent-Sellens, J. (2015). “Graph analysis to survey data: a first approximation“. Int. J. Complex Systems in Science, 5(1), 29-36.

• Díaz-Chao, A., Ficapal-Cusí, P. y J. Torrent-Sellens. (2015) “Determinantes multidimensionales en la calidad percibida del empleo. Evidencia empírica para España”, Revista Internacional de Sociología, 73, nº1.

• Tintorer, D. L., Beneyto, S. F., Manresa, J. M., Torán-Monserrat, P., Jiménez-Zarco, A., Torrent-Sellens, J., & Saigí-Rubió, F. (2015). Understanding the discriminant factors that influence the adoption and use of clinical communities of practice: the ECOPIH case. BMC health services research, 15(1), 373.

• Wilczynska, A.; Batorski, D.; Torrent-Sellens, J. (2015) “Employment Flexibility and Job Security as Determinants of Job Satisfaction: The Case of Polish Knowledge Workers”. Social Indicators Research, February 2015. DOI 10.1007/s11205-015-0909-6.

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• Guillen-Royo, Monica (2015). Sustainability and Wellbeing: Human-Scale Development in Practice. Routledge. pp.188. ISBN: 978-1-138-79239-5 / ISBN: 978-1-315-76213-5.

• Torrent-Sellens, J.; Díaz-Chao, A. (2015) “Las empresas industriales en 2013. Evaluación de la crisis e Índice de Competitividad de la Empresa Industrial (ICEMPI).” Madrid, Fundación SEPI, Ministerio de Hacienda y Administraciones Públicas. ISBN: 978-84-87287-26-8.


• Quiroga-Parra, Torrent-Sellens, J. (2015) “Hechos de productividad desde la innovación: un análisis empírico en América Latina“. Global Conference on Business and Finance 2015. Costa Rica 26-29 May 2015.

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• QUIROGA, D.; TORRENT-SELLENS, J. (2015). “Las nuevas fuentes de productividad en América Latina y la OCDE“. IN3 Working Paper Series, WP14-009.

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