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John Dawson

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Professor John A. Dawson

Emeritus Professor University of Edinburgh
Professor of Retail Studies, Emeritus Professor, University of Stirling
Visiting Professor University of Marketing and Distribution Science, Kobe

Having graduated from University College London in 1965 and 1967 he obtained a PhD in 1970 on European Retailing, John Dawson initially focussed on research on locational issues and government intervention in retailing. Research developed into studies of employment and changing retail structures in Europe during the 1970s.

Has taught and researched retailing and marketing in universities in the UK, USA, Japan and Australia and has worked on projects with major retail and information technology companies in several countries. John Dawson holds the Chair of Marketing at Edinburgh, is a Visiting Professor at ESADE, Barcelona, where he regularly participates in senior management programmes, and, from 2005, is Professor of Retail Studies at University of Stirling. Head of the Department of Business Studies at Edinburgh from 1993-1998. During 1999 and 2000 he spent periods as visiting professor at EUI Florence, UNISA Pretoria, UMDS Kobe and Boconni Milan.

He was the founding editor of Cambria and in 1984 founded the International Journal of Retailing which he edited until its merger with Retail and Distribution Management. He then established the International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research which he now co-edits with Leigh Sparks and which is published by Routledge.

Current research is in five main areas: The nature of change and innovation in European retailing; International activity of retailers; e-retailing and information management in retailing; The measurement of performance in retailing and distribution; Inter-relationships between European and Asian approaches to retail management.

Research Interests

Main research interest is in retail innovation and how this relates to marketing and channel strategy of retailers. Specific projects recently include research in the international activity of retailers and their adaption to host markets. This involves study of knowledge transfer, managerial capability and technology management – all within the retail context. A second area of research has been on retailer support for ‘healthy’ food provision as linked to diet change in consumers. He also has a long standing interest in the measurement of performance in retailers.

Recent academic research activity has focused on the study of the relationships between the structural and spatial components in distribution systems. The approach has been through the analysis of processes of change in the internal organisation of retail firms and in the interactions of the firms with their external environment.

Recent Publications:


• Marshall, D., Dawson, J. , Bava, Jaeger, Worch (2011) “The food choice kaleidoscope: a framework for examination of product, place and person as sources of quantifiable variation in food choices”. Appetite – Vol. 56, pp. 412 – 423.

• Marshall, D., Dawson, J. , Aitken, Z., Anderson, A.S., Cummins, S., Smith, D.M., Sparks, L. (2010) “Neighbourhood deprivation and the price and availability of fruit and vegetables in Scotland”. Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics.

• Marshall, D., Dawson, J. , Anderson, A., Cummins, S., Smith, D.M., Sparks, L., Taylor, M. (2010) “Neighbourhood food environment and area deprivation: spatial accessibility to grocery stores elling fresh fruit and vegetables in urban and rural settings”. International Journal of Epidemiology – Vol. 39.

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• Dawson, J. , Bava, B., Jaeger, S. (2009) “The interaction of merchandising methods and consumers’ in-store purchasing decisions: A qualitative investigation in grocery stores”. Journal of Customer Behaviour.

• Marshall, D., Dawson, J. , Anderson, A., Cummins, S., Smith, D.M., Sparks, L., Taylor, M. (2009) “Variations in fresh fruit and vegetable quality by store type, urban-rural setting and neighbourhood deprivation in Scotland”. Public Health Nutrition.

Books & Book chapter:

• Dawson, J.; Usui, K. (2011) “Renewal and transformation of value in an international retailers: Dixons Retail plc”. Fallstudien zum internationalen management – 978-3-8349-2967-9. pp. 589 – 609.

• Dawson, J. (2007) “Retail trends in Europe. In: M Krafft and M K Mantrala” (editors) Retailing in the 21st century. Springer, Berlin pp 41-58, 2007, ISBN 3-540-28399-4.

• Dawson, J., Mukoyama, M. and Larke, R. (editors) (2006) Strategic issues in international retailing. Routledge, London, 218pp 2006, ISBN 0-415-34371-2.

• Dawson, J. and Lee, J-H. (editors) (2005) International retailing plans and strategies in Asia. Haworth Press, Binghamton, 207pp 2005, ISBN 0-7890-2888-3.

• Dawson, J. (2004) “Retail change in Britain during 30 years: The strategic use of economies of scale and scope”. Distribution and Society in Modern Japan: Essays in Honour of Yoshiaki Shiraishi. Minerva Press, Kobe. 2004, ISBN 4-623-039414-5. pp 56-68.

• Dawson J., Mukoyama, M., Choi, S.C. and Larke, R. (editors) (2003) The Internationalisation of retailing in Asia. Routledge-Curzon, London 221pp 2003, ISBN 0-415-30904-2.

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