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Carme Moreno

Carme is a Global Marketing Manager (Multilingual) with exceptional skills and experience in Research and e-Commerce Marketing. She has more than ten years of marketing experience and more than five years as a Lecturer. Passionate for marketing industry, especially in luxury fashion.

Carme has written and co-authored white papers, case studies and research reports on the topics of corporate sustainability strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation. She also serve as a reviewer and associated editor of several international journals in the marketing area, and she is an author of academic materials: “Business & Entrepreneurship” at Open University of Catalonia (UOC):  Academia.edu & ResearchGate

Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, she is a Permanent Resident of the United States. She is studying at Stanford Business School, studied at London College of Fashion, University of Barcelona, and UOC. She is a board member of a few organizations in the USA. Carme speaks English, Spanish, Catalan, and she is learning Mandarin.

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