New paper from i2TIC researchers


Professors Pilar Ficapal, Mihaela Enache and Joan Torrent publish an article “Enhancing team performance: A multilevel model” on the behavior and effectiveness of work teams in the Journal of Cleaner Production (2019 WoS JCR IF = 7,246; and Percentil JIF Environmental Sciences = 93,019). From a sample of 654 work teams (3,190 people), with a multilevel approach (individual, group and organizational) and with an empirical PLS-SEM methodology, the research corroborates a structural model that relates (direct and mediating effects) the constructs and dimensions of perceived leadership support, challenges, shared vision, collective creative eficacy, social reflexivity, and security in participation in explaining the effectiveness of work teams. In addition, the research discusses the effects of this model on the sustainability of human resource management.

You can read it here.

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