i2TIC researchers publish an article on the telework dilemma


Pilar Ficapal and Joan Torrent, together with the associated researchers of i2TIC, Pedro Palos (University of Seville) and Inés González (UNIR), have published a new article on teleworking. The article entitled: “The telework performance dilemma: Exploring the role of trust, social isolation and fatigue“, published in the International Journal of Manpower investigates the antecedents of telework results for a sample of teleworkers in Spain.

The article finds that trust is a positive antecedent of the perceived results of telework. However, it also highlights the existence of negative antecedents. Social isolation and fatigue offset, mediate, the favorable effects of trust. Thus, a history is obtained that confirms a dilemma in the results of telework. Although trust with the place, the organization and the colleagues of teleworkers drives their results, when teleworking practices are associated with fatigue and social isolation, the assessment of their results becomes negative.

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