Latest News June 2011


Annual meeting:

Next July 11th will take the i2TIC group’s annual meeting, during the all day, in the Mediatic building, Barcelona, bringing together researchers and collaborators of the group.


• During July 2011 the associate professor Dr. Carlos Atienza from Castilla – La Mancha University, UCLM is visiting IN3 – UOC. With his stay we pretend to extend and strengthen partnerships between the research group i2TIC, coordinated by Dr. Joan Torrent Sellens, and the group ENSITMA UCLM, which Dr. Carlos Atienza is a member. In this sense, for several years, both research groups are collaborating in the interdisciplinary study of the implementation of ICT in different organizational contexts.

• Dario Quiroga, from Autónoma de Occidente University – UAO, Colombia and PhD in the ‘Information and Knowledge Society doctoral programme’ of the UOC, is doing research in Barcelona, which aims is to make progress on the study on “ICT, Knowledge , INNOVATION AND ECONOMIC GROWTH: A comparative empirical analysis on the sources of productivity in Latin-America, Asian countries and G8. ”

Videos & Interviews:

Joan Torrent analyzes the current situation of the financial crisis – March 2011.

The lecturer of Economics and Business Studies and the Director of UOC Business School analyzes the evolution of the financial crisis since last interview on September 2010.

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