i2TIC member activities during November 2010


3rd report presentation on ICT business sector in Catalonia, 2009 in FOBSIC on November 10th 2010.

On Wednesday November 10th, Joan Torrent presents the third report on the ICT business sector in Catalonia. The report elaborated by i2TIC corresponds to the annual working series held by FOBSIC about Catalan ICT sector. The report captures, analyzes and interpreted quantitative and structural data about Catalan ICT business activity, especially its network of small and medium enterprises.

[full report]

The group i2TIC publish two studies on the adoption and use of ICTs in microenterprises of the trade and tourism sector, 2010.

This is a pioneering research that studies the structure and value elements of trade and tourism microenterprises in Catalonia from the analysis of the primary source of information.

The study supervised by Dr. Joan Torrent, has been carried out by researchers of the Interdisciplinary Research Group on ICTs (i2TIC) attached to the Interdisciplinary Internet Institute (IN3) of the Universtitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) in collaboration with the FOBSIC.

[full study – TRADE microenterprises]

Main results of trade microenterprises:

• High level of education in the wholesale microenterprises subsector and in the smaller microenterprises dimension trade.

• Strong implementation of auto programmable work practices.

• External elements (financing, promotion and advertising, strategic change and R & D as improvement of the activity.

• Positive evolution of electronic trade, especially in the B2B (purchases).

• Encourage training in micro-stock retail trade and higher dimension.

• Extend digital competences, both managers and employees in educational contexts.

• Improve the stability of labour relations.

• More knowledge of grants and support public policies.

• Larger presence of markets and international client networks.

[full study – Tourism enterprises]

Main results of tourism microenterprises:

• High level of entrepreneurial skills, strong presence of women entrepreneurs and young highly educated managers.

• Customer orientation and dynamics of product innovation.

• Positive evolution of electronic business, especially in the B2C (Sales).

• Significant association between the intensity of ICT use and work training, job stability, innovation, positive trend of factoring and internationalization of sales.

• Extend the education of workers.

• Improve the digital skills of managers and workers.

• Encourage the intensive ICT use by the employees.

• Reorient the work and labour relations by objectives.

• Extend the innovative practices to the least dimension microenterprises.

• Origin and formal external provision of ICT goods and services.

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