Over 40 people joined the institutional welcome second session with the General Manager


The second session of our institutional welcome, with the General Manager of the UOC, Antoni Cahner, took place on 25 February. It was attended by 42 people who, having recently joined the UOC with long-term or permanent contracts, had taken part in a first institutional welcome session with the Executive Board in January.

With both welcome sessions now done, we wish them every success with the UOC!

The UOC model

The director of the Personnel department, José Miguel de la Dehesa, joined the session to speak about the UOC induction programme, the aim of which is to ensure new members of staff get properly acquainted with the UOC and our way of working, to optimize their integration within the university and its culture.

The General Manager, Antoni Cahner, spoke about the UOC’s governance and management models, which enable us to remain flexible and competitive. He also went into detail on one of our most distinctive traits, our learning model

After that the floor was opened to for the new members of staff to pose questions, make comments and share impressions. They also provided feedback through an anonymized survey; in this they gave high scores for the speed of the presentation, its clarity, and the question and answer session. In general, they highlighted that the session “provides a good level of detail in its snapshot of the current situation and the strategy to follow”, that it “offers an overview of the objectives and visions the UCO has in mind” and that “it is very important to properly know the organization you belong to”.

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