About the blog

The aim of the UOC staff blog is to encourage participation in internal initiatives and activities. It provides updates and details of social activities and tells staff how to get involved. To name a few examples of the types of initiatives promoted in the blog, there has been our annual photography contest, which provided the pictures for our corporate calendar, our Gran Recapte food drive, and the ‘Inter-Company Games’.

Another important purpose of the blog is to provide a space where staff can make suggestions and propose ideas. For instance, you can go to the blog to suggest a social initiative that could be organized through the UOC. Similarly, looking ahead to the UOC’s inaugural event marking the start of the academic year, staff will be encouraged to take an active part and to share ideas for future formats.

In short, the staff blog is here to promote participation and collaboration that champions a transparent, cross-functional and proactive UOC.

The blog is run by the Corporate Communications unit, with Susana Calvo holding chief responsibility.

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