UOC General Manager Cahner leads 2nd part of the institutional induction process for new staff


This November we welcomed the new staff members who had received long-term or open-ended contracts to work at the UOC.

On Wednesday 27 November, from 9:30 am to 12 noon, around 30 new members of the UOC team gathered at the institutional session led by UOC General Manager Antoni Cahner. The event is held in May and November each year.

The newly hired staff had the chance to learn more about the University’s business model and inner workings, as well as its Strategic Plan 2017-2020. When the session was over, the attendees received a travel mug, enjoyed breakfast together and paid a visit to the UOC’s Tibidabo building.

The institutional session at Tibidabo building

A few days before the event, the new staff also participated in the first part of the institutional induction, which takes place once a month in the office of President Planell. Also in attendance were General Manager Cahner and Vice President for Teaching and Learning Carles Sigalés

The completion of these meetings marks the end of the induction process, which is structured into four stages: a face-to-face induction; a self-guided induction (involving exploration of the IntraUOC induction page, completion of a “welcome game”, and training on occupational health and safety); two sessions with the president and the general manager (a welcome and an institutional session), and the possibility to study an open course paid for by the UOC so that they can gain first-hand experience of what it’s like to study here.

Please accept our warmest welcome to the UOC; we wish you the utmost success in your new endeavours!

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