The online institutional induction sessions are under way!


It is fair to say that 2020 has been the year when we have done more telework than ever, and seen each other less than ever before. But it has also been a year in which the UOC has continued to grow.

We began 2021 a few weeks ago and did not want to wait any longer to welcome all those who have joined us in the midst of the pandemic, under permanent or long-term contracts. And so, we have now begun the online institutional induction sessions!

This January (the 14th and 19th for administrative staff and the 20th for teaching staff) the first online institutional inductions sessions took place. In these sessions the new members of staff were able to meet the president, Josep A. Planell, the general manager, Antoni Cahner, and the Vice President for Teaching and Learning, Carles Sigalés.

At these meetings, President Planell highlighted the success of the UOC’s educational model, how being a privately managed public university allows us to continue growing and hiring new talent, and how COVID-19 has forced us to reconsider many things, including a new way of working.

General Manager Cahner discussed the UOC’s structure and mission, while Carlés Sigalés, Vice President for Teaching and Learning, talked about the teaching role and profile of our teaching staff.

On 25 February there is a second induction session scheduled with the general manager in which he will explain all the details of the UOC’s organizational model and bring to a close the institutional induction for all those who joined the University in 2020, 45 in total! We welcome you all and wish you every success here at the UOC!



  • Silvia Piriz Soriano (Sales and Marketing)
  • Esther Domínguez Ramírez (Globalization and Cooperation)
  • Judit Sanchez Adan (Corporate Development)
  • Ruben Gutierrez Morales (Sales and Marketing)
  • Carolina Pol Moreno (Sales and Marketing)
  • Mercè Rodríguez Torras (Sales and Marketing)
  • Maria Fernandez Villaespesa (Sales and Marketing)
  • Natalia Fusté Hussain (Sales and Marketing)
  • Raquel Acedo Edo (Sales and Marketing)
  • Patricia Lozano del Valle (Legal Office)
  • Francesc Benlliure Moreno (Office of the Deputy General Manager of Research)
  • Rosa Maria Sáez Lago (Accounting and Finance)
  • Albert Guillen Ronquillo (R&I)
  • Jordi Hostaled Pueyo (General Services)
  • Sotiria Chatzy (Office of the Deputy General Manager of Research)



  • Josep Lamarca Reventós (Technology)
  • Jaume Moreno Forcada (Technology)
  • Josep Mª Labraca Gui (Technology)
  • Jordi ILL Rosa (Technology)
  • Begoña Pérez Caballero (Academic Services)
  • Elisenda Farràs Bigas (Professional Guidance and Career Services)
  • Noelia Muñoz Álvarez (Personnel)
  • Inmaculada Balsera Gavilán (Personnel)
  • Francisco Javier Agradano Paradas (Personnel)
  • Alexandre Hernández Ossó (Legal Office)
  • Maria Andrea Pey Rubio (Legal Office)
  • Lucia Andreu Roncero (Legal Office)
  • Pol Grau Pérez (General Services)
  • Anna Moya Arasil (General Services)



  • Salvador Macip (Faculty of Health Sciences)
  • Diana A. Díaz Rizzolo (Faculty of Health Sciences)
  • Jose Daniel Rueda Estrada (Faculty of Health Sciences)
  • Cristina O’Callaghan (Faculty of Health Sciences)
  • Marc Sanjaume Calvet (Faculty of Law and Political Science)
  • Vanesa Jiménez Serrania (Faculty of Law and Political Science)
  • Gabriela Fauth (Faculty of Law and Political Science)
  • Jordi Mas Elias (Faculty of Law and Political Science)
  • Joana Maria Pujadas Mora (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)
  • Enrique Baleriola Escudero (Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences)
  • Marta López Costa (Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences)
  • Cristian Castillo Gutiérrez (Faculty of Economics and Business)
  • Tatiana Cucurull Poblet (Faculty of Law and Political Science)
  • Paloma González Díaz (Faculty of Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications)


The UOC induction process

These meetings form part of the induction process, which consists of four phases: the face-to-face induction (now online), a self-guided induction (involving exploration of the IntraUOC induction page, completion of a “welcome game”, and training on occupational health and safety), sessions with the Executive Board, and the chance to register for a fully subsidised open course, meaning the opportunity to experience studying at the UOC.

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