What does Mandela mean for the world?

17 December, 2013

MandelaMany things, which will become clearer with deeper reflection. There is nostalgia for the example of the life dedicated to the public good, now a chimera in an age of cheap populism. There is affirmation for the principle of leadership through values. And here, Mandela’s life and death could be a mirror from the South back to the North. We should remember that Margaret Thatcher’s government denigrated him as a terrorist.*

We should also remember that apartheid was founded in the racism of British colonialism…

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* as the US government also did. It was only in 2008 when Mandela was removed from the US terrorist list.
In fact, as reported by William Blum, it was the US Central Intelligence Agency tip about Mandela’s whereabouts and appearences that helped the security service of South African government arrest Mandela.
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