SAT Tests Get Cancelled Massively…Because of Cheating

16 May, 2013

SATs are standardized tests for college admissions that students in U.S. and worldwide must undertake in order to gain admittance to American schools, including prestigious Harvard and Stanford.

A SAT exam session scheduled for last May 4, for over 1.500 South-Korean students, had to be called out in the entire country by the US-based organization that organizes the tests (the Educational Testing Service – ETS), after finding out that tutoring companies in South Korea had illegally obtained the SAT test materials and leaked it to their students, at a cost about $4,575. This is far from being an isolated case; in 2011, several students were charged in a SAT cheating case in Long Island, NY.

Of the nearly three million SAT exams taken worldwide each year, at least a few thousand are cancelled because of suspected cheating. Several hundred other potential test takers are turned away at the door each year because of questionable identification.

The blame is not only on South Korea, in fact, American universities use – and sometimes misuse– their SAT scores as indicator of selectiveness of their enrolment process, to demonstrate the high capacity of their candidates. These cases just show the scope of this cheating phenomenon and why a whole new industry of proctoring is blossoming.

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