MOOC Teaches How to Cheat in Online Courses, With Eye to Prevention

7 May, 2013

Cheating in online education remains a concern  for many instructors and institutions, with some universities hiring online-proctoring companies to monitor students through webcams. Others require students to take examinations at a physical testing site. Besides moral issues, both options are quite costly.

To respond to these concerns, Bernard Bull of Concordia University Wisconsin, will start next week a newly designed MOOC “Understanding Cheating in Online Courses”. After 2 years of research on cheating, focusing not on those who get caught but those who get away with it, Bull found that his views on cheating had begun to shift…

The course, with the cap of 1,000 participants, will run for 8 weeks on the Canvas MOOC platform, a course-management company developed by Instructure.

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