ACE 2012 (Advances in Computer Entertainment Conference)


ACE 2012 (Advances in Computer Entertainment Conference)

ACE (the Advances in Computer Entertainment Conference) is a forum for dissemination of cutting-edge research results in the area of entertainment computing. Interactive entertainment is one of the most vibrant areas of interest in modern[…]

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Readings for the IX International Seminar

Here we will share some interesting readings related to the topic of the IX International Seminar. Some of the readings will be suggestions of the keynote speakers and demo presenters of the seminar. We encourage[…]


A value of the human evolution, not just economy

Picture by Tom Toles. © The Washington Post See more: Tom Toles Cartoons >>

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Criticisms of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

Via | EdTechDev MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) have become a recent trend in open online education. Some people could be tempted to start talking of them as a new hype. Instead of that, we[…]

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IX International Seminar – 1st Conference Call

     Provisional Banner The 2012 International Seminar of the UOC UNESCO Chair in e-Learning will be focused on the much needed reforms of the education system. The previous, VIII Seminar gave evidence of many actual[…]

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Evaluation of the OLPC Program in Perú (Una Laptop por niño)

Information via Inter-American Development Bank The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is conducting a multi-year randomized evaluation of the impact of the OLPC project in Peru – the first rigorous attempt to examine the impact of[…]

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Quest for College Accountability Produces Demand for Yet More Student Data

Article by Paul Basken published in The Chronicle of Higer Education After three years of studying ideas for measuring institutional quality, an expert panel assembled by the National Research Council delivered a 192-page report on[…]

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El mundo necesita ciencia, la ciencia necesita mujeres (Programa UNESCO-L’ORÉAL)

UNESCO-L’ORÉAL Programa internacional de becas “Por las mujeres en la ciencia” El programa UNESCO – L’ORÉAL “Por las mujeres en la ciencia” es una iniciativa conjunta que busca promover la presencia de la mujer en[…]

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Harvard – MIT partnership ($60M to create a Platform for Free Online Courses)

After reading this news, we remembered a certain quote by George Siemens: “[…] Education seems to be at the threshold of a very dramatic change”   Article by Nick DeSantis published in The Chronicle of[…]

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Flipping Corporate Learning (By Jay Cross)

This article was published by Jay Cross in the Internet Time Blog under a CreativeCommons BY-NC-SA 2.5 License Flipping learning is big in education. It will be big in corporate learning. Let’s not blow it.[…]