Following up on the Malala’s story: a Nobel Peace Prize candidate

12 December, 2012
© Photo at by Nighat Dad

Young Pakistani girl Malala Yousafzai raised her voice on behalf of many people around the world, calling for the right of education for all. Last monday the UNESCO made a tribute to her during the celebration of the International day of Human Rights. Malala was shot last October by Taliban in Swat, for defending the right of girls to education (see previous post).

Among these recognitions, there is a movement that is petitioning for Malala to be nominated to the Nobel Peace Prize.  Khalid Mehmood, a Birmingham Perry Bar Labour MP, led a group of academics and campaigners who gathered 300.000 signatures and presented them to the British PM. In U.S., S.Lloyd has started a petition in the platform, and it has gotten more than 202.000 supporters by now.

The Pakistan parliament adopted yesterday a resolution asking the government to declare Malala as the “Daughter of Pakisan”. The resolution was moved in the National Assembly by Robina Saadat Qaimkhani, a lawmaker of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party.

Also on monday the British newspaper “The Guardian” just closed the poll for Person of the year. Malala has made it to the second position with a 22% of the votes. The first three days, Malala was getting most of the hits, but a change in the turn of events has announced the winner by far in The Guardian’s voting: Bradley Manning, who revealed to Wikileaks compromising information about secret operations undertaken by U.S. militars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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