“Maybe it’s a good thing education has not been an issue in this election”, Gene Carter. via @CNNSchools

6 November, 2012


While the whole world is closely following up the election of the 45th president of USA, American educators and parents keep their eyes on two states: Georgia and Washington which vote today on the issue of charter schools, and consequently, the public education in the state.

The parents are undecided and often lost, and no wonder: according to the Stanford CREDO study , only  “17% of charter schools provide superior education opportunities for their students”,  while about half of them do not perform anyway differently from public schools, and the rest fared worse. One more report, “Informing the Debate” study from the Boston Foundation, found “large positive effects for Charter Schools at both the middle and high school levels”.

So, the jury is still out. But state educational agencies, the unions and, first of all, big donors do know what to support.

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