Sweep change in curriculum ordered by Islamic State

22 September, 2014

Islamic State (aka IS, ISIS, ISIL) has turned curriculum upside down according to religious extremism and is facing resistance among students, teachers and families.

In city of Mosul IS has cancelled classes in art, music, history, geography, civics, philosophy, sociology, psychology and Christian religion and are asking mathematics teachers to remove any questions that refer to moneylending, democracy and elections. Biology teachers can’t refer to evolution. Arabic classes are forbidden from teaching any “polytheist” poems. However, IS has introduced its radical interpretation of Islamic law, dictating everything from how to dress to who can live in what homes. The Islamic State wants anything praising the concept of homeland replaced by the new idea of the Islamic State’s caliphate or religious government.

The majority of residents refuse to send their children to school. Also, the students worry that going to school will not lead anywhere because their credentials will not be recognized.

In Syria’s eastern province of Raqqa, the Islamic State announced a compulsory course for all teachers to learn the militants’ view of the basics of Islamic law. Those who don’t attend will be prevented from teaching or their salaries not paid

They have canceled some faculties and changed the curricula of others including the Islamic studies at Imam Adham College… Sufi and Shiite clerics are forbidden from giving Koranic lessons at mosques.

Meanwhile, students are afraid to go to school. Islamic State guards at the school doors check for “un-Islamic” clothing, search the students’ mobile phones for songs and ask female teachers to cover their faces and put on gloves.

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