IX International Seminar – Call for Demos OPEN

27 June, 2012

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The UNESCO Chair in e-Learning at UOC is pleased to host its ninth annual International Seminar. It will take place on November 26-27, 2012 in Barcelona, at the MediaTIC Building.

The theme of this year is: Transformative Changes in Education: System-wide Approach, as outlined in Presentation.

Despite multiple crises making current conditions of teacher work ever more difficult, educational landscape shows tha there are lots of experiments and creative search for innovation going on in classrooms. Sometimes they even go aheard of research, thus marking its future directions more clear. We encourage you to showcase your innovative project or experiment in educational practice, even if it is in process of development yet. This could be a good opportunity to make an informative and relevant case out of it, to share your results, successfull practice, but also your doubts.

Do not shy away if your project has not worked out as expected. We fully subscribe  to the idea  that we might learn more from a failure than from success; the main thing is to understand: Why? What would be a better solution?

Accepted projects will have 20 minutes to demonstrate the case and then will be followed by 20 minutes of discussion with other speakers and participants.

We expect the presentations to be very specific, practical, rather than theoretical or analytical.

In particular, the seminar organizers are keen to receive proposals that:

  • Are based on or supported by research (or not!)
  • Demonstrate an experimental or alternative approach to coursework, curriculum, assessment, etc (see topics of the Seminar)
  • Are related to issues of social inclusion and development
  • Stimulate and provoke a good discussion

Topics may be proposed from the full range of creative practice on different levels of education. Organizers would ask to identify a central idea or theme that have a direct relevance wihtin the Seminar´s scope.

Submission deadline: Proposals should be sent by email to   catedraunesco [ at ] uoc.edu  by July 25.

Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of faculty peers.

Notification of acceptance and additional information will be provided before the end of September.

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