Call for Demos extended

25 September, 2014

The UNESCO Chair for Education and Technology for Social Change is extending the period to present demos for its X International Seminar until October 7:

Revisiting the Fundamentals of Traditional Curricula
R/Evolution: what “R” would mean for Education

Showcase your innovative project or experiment in educational practice related to design or delivery of Curriculum, including metholodgies and assessment. Presenting a demo is an excellent opportunity to make an informative and relevant case out of it, to share your results, successful practice, but also your doubts.

We expect the presentations to be specific and practical, rather than theoretical or analytical, and address any level of education. In particular, the seminar organizers are keen to receive proposals that:

  • Are based on or supported by research (or not!)
  • Demonstrate an experimental or alternative approach to coursework, curriculum, assessment, etc.
  • Are related to issues of social inclusion and development
  • Stimulate and provoke a good discussion

For more information, visit the Seminar’s website: 

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