30 Mln in Private Funds Raised by Instructure, a New Generation LMS Provider

5 June, 2013

Some months ago we already pointed out the trend of the growth in private capital in Education. Yesterday, Instructure, a company that has developed Canvas, a LMS platform, announced today that it had won $30-million in venture-capital funds. Some observers said the company was gaining ground on Blackboard, which has long dominated the market for learning-management systems.

Instructure has changed the LMS market. Most of the other vendors—their original product architectures came out 10 years ago or more.  Instructure has been part of a new wave of LMS.”

A week ago, experts of Brown University had a webinar during which they discussed five lessons they learned in their search for an open access LMS and why they ultimately selected Canvas as their LMS for their MOOC “Exploring Engineering”. They claim that Canvas has allowed them to create a more interactive course that engages students and keeps participation high rather than merely providing lectures and quizzes.

The choice of which platform a university or college uses to manage their online  and offline courses is, at the present time, wider than ever before. As the learning-management systems market evolves and grows, companies offering these services seek for private investment in order to gain market share.

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